Volksfest 2014, Nashville: Understanding the Volkswagen Thing

This past weekend, I was in Nashville, TN visiting some friends before my upcoming birthday. Birthdays are a pretty special time for someone young like myself, and my friends had planned out the entire weekend that turned out to be amazing. One of the things that they had planned was to go to the 2nd Annual Volksfest. As I was told before we went, it is basically a German festival with all of the usual German trimmings: delicious brats and schnitzel, ice-cold German beer, and live Polka Music. But, to my pleasant surprise, it was also a car show featuring Volkswagens (hence the emphasis on the “Volks” in the event’s title). As we walked in, we could hear the guys on stage playing some German tunes, smell the mix of tasty beverages and cooked meats in the air, and see the line of Volkswagens on display.

Entry to Volks

Now, as my friends knew me all too well, they understood that I would eventually gravitate to the line of Volkswagens-I tend to have a tendency to be forcefully pulled towards anything automotive, especially German autos-and of course, after a beer or two, we walked over there.


While independent owners brought out their prized “Deutschen” vehicles at the festival, the entire event was sponsored by the local Volkswagen Dealer (Hallmark Volkswagen in Cool Springs) in the Nashville area. This meant that there were several 1960s VW Beetles parked next to new 2014-2015 VW Beetles. The iconic Beetle shape hasn’t changed much over the decades, and despite weight differences and technological differences, they still emulate a sense of fun and quirkiness. There were of course several VW vans parked along the line along with some unusual models, but there were some other models that were rarer finds that normally don’t come to mind when thinking of Volkswagens. After talking with the owner of a beautiful, unique, and sentimental 1966 VW Beetle, you understand that a car, whether it is used as show piece, a project build, or basic transportation, can become like a family member, particularly a car as inviting, fun, and quirky as a VW Beetle. Your car will endure most of the times that you go through, whether it be good or bad.

I admit, I am a sucker for German automobiles, especially ones designed and built upon the legacies of Porsche family, so to see these old air-cooled engines coupled with iconic shapes and design was quite a treat. As we were leaving the festival, I was just reminded of a simple, learned fact: German Beer and German Automobiles are similar in that they are well made and they perform very well. Prost!

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– JRB, Editor-in-Chief

Thank you to Hallmark Volkswagen in Cool Springs for the awesome festival!

The Spirited Drive Returns! – It’s Back!

And The Spirited Drive is back! Apologies for the hiatus, but life seems to have an interesting way of postponing the truly important things; like this blog. So, in order to speed up the omg-its-back process, highlights of what has happened this past year, what is happening now, and what is to happen in the world of automobiles that excite, make the heart race, and are easy on the eyes will be posted starting this coming Monday. There will be pieces including the return of Alfa Romeo to the U.S., the new BMW M4/M3, McLaren P1 amazingness, new things from Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG, and many other exciting pieces. Expect a steady release of news, opinions, and stories every week that involve all things automobile.

While this past year has been a difficult separation from the duties of the blog, the auto world has been a buzz! It is such an exciting time to be into anything with a motor, wheels, and a steering-wheel: new models are being released; new concepts are being drawn; and new technologies are breaking ground in the automotive world. As well as a plethora of pieces coming out in The Spirited Drive blog, expect more pictures (eventually), new video content (to be debuted on the YouTube network and channel), and more social media updates. Remember to subscribe to this blog via email, but also remember to follow The Spirited Drive on Twitter @SpiritedDrive and to subscribe to the YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/TheSpiritedDrive! We will also be opening up a Google+ account as well! Remember as always to have a spirited drive every now and then!

– JRB, Editor-in-Chief