The Tire

Will the tire ever be replaced? I have found myself asking that question more often lately. At first, I thought I was being ridiculous: “Of course it won’t be! You don’t honestly believe in Jetson-like transportation, do you?!” While nothing would be as awesome as flying cars and what not, I decided to run with the idea of what would replace the tire. Recently, I saw a small, demonstrative video of the future tire: it was as sphere. It contained magnetic materials that allowed the car to levitate upon the tire itself thus making for a smooth, efficient ride. It was quite bizarre but interesting nonetheless! While this may be an impractical solution, I don’t see replacing the tire as a waste of time and thought process.

Tires and the friction made by tires upon the surface of the road wield great influence over fuel emissions, speed, safety, and road infrastructure. Replacing the tire could mean a great increase in fuel efficiency and safety whilst traveling. It would also drastically change motorsports and the way car enthusiasts enjoy driving their vehicle. However, one of the biggest changes would be the type of roads and travel infrastructure as pavement could become obsolete. By changing the tire, the entire automobile would change, the way we enjoy them could change, and the actual world and environment in which we drive them would change. Replacing the tire would mean reworking the car and, in some sense, the world. What do you think? Let me know!


Drive Spiritedly.