Morning Drive

The Morning Drive. Freedom of Spirit. These two concepts seem to go hand-in-hand. Some days, you just want to wake up early before the sunrise, skip the toast and coffee, grab a set of keys and a jacket, head toward the garage, crank up your favorite car, and drive. No radio, no talking. Just you, your thoughts, the world, and your car. You may glimpse the sun as it rises above the clouds in the east and see it make the grass come alive as its light hits the morning dew. You think, perhaps, that it has just come out to greet you and wish you a fine day. You take a deep breath, relax, and as you hit some nice curves on a not-so-busy country road, you step back and allow the world to unfold.


In these ethereal moments, this morning drive becomes more than just a random activity. It becomes a time of contemplation. You reflect on your past, your present, and your future. What will you do today? What needs doing? How is work going?  It becomes also a time of meditation. Sure, you can unleash the horses from the engine and make them wail, but instead you chose half-speed because it is just too early for all of that fury. This is your time. This a precious moment. You have been waiting all week for this. This is your morning ritual on a crisp, new Saturday. Perhaps it is the engine’s song that triggers your brain into this contemplative trance. Maybe it is the breeze hitting your face that compels you to go at that half-speed and allow your thoughts to catch up to your vehicle of choice.

Whatever the case may be, you can’t help but smile. Why? The sun is saying hello just for you, the birds are going about their morning business, the grass is dancing, and you are driving wherever your mind takes you.

Drive Spiritedly.

– JRB, Editor.