What is the purpose of Automotive Sports?

NASCAR. Formula-1. World Rally Championship. Drifting. Endurance Racing. There are numerous types of automotive sports and racing that exist in the world. Sometimes I wonder though: why? What is the purpose of such sports? There is the obvious reason of these events being entertaining to some. And while seeing Lewis Hamilton lap someone in Formula-1 can be exhilarating, not all of us are Jeremy Clarkson and cry “Oh Britannia!” every five minutes. Of course, Formula-1 is a great sport with a great history. Don’t get me wrong; it is a lovely thing to behold. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the top-tech duking it out lap after lap in a flurry of speed? Formula-1 also has the benefit of testing technology that would trickle down into production vehicles; thus, it also serves the purpose of helping the car world.

And NASCAR – why? If I wanted to see the shell of an Impala with sticker-headlights go 220 mph, I would invest in a catapult and launch Fischer-Price toy cars toward the sun. It has to be the least entertaining form of automotive sport in existence; for me, at least. The technology in these NASCAR cars also seems to come from the time when people still transported goods via Ox. In other words, it doesn’t remain a really relevant test-bed for automotive technology. Somehow, though, it remains one of the most popular sports here in the States. Drifting also seems useless as a test-bed for technology in cars, but at least it has a higher entertainment factors than watching Fisher-Price-like cars going in a giant circle.

There can be arguments made for both entertainment and technology-testing for each major form of automotive sport. And while entertainment is great, seeing, hearing, and reading about the new wave of the automotive future can be the most entertaining aspect of it all. While this may seem like a noble to be involved in automotive sports, I am also of the mind that seeing the Porsche 919 LMP1 car destroy a lap at Le Mans or reruns of the Audi Quattro take on a World Rally Stage is  just flipping awesome.

What is your favorite automotive sport and why? Let me know!


Drive Spiritedly.