Spirited Driving: What is your flavor? – Opinion!

The max speed. Picture it: you are going full-max in your sporty vehicle on the four-lane. Seems like it would be great fun… until you feel the wobble, you smell something that undoubtedly would resemble an engine being put to death, and the chassis seems to hate you.

I enjoy the going fast bit (don’t get me wrong); speed is a beautiful thing, but feeling out of control is not fun. Top speed matters at the bar arguing with other gear-heads, at the local oval, or when you occasionally need to get overtake the minivan that just cut you off. However, the most fun you can have in a sporty car is seeing how fast you can get to the speed limit or how many apexes (within you respective lane) you can hit in the next 2 miles of curvy road (the squiggly road signs are the best!). Despite the dangers of going full-max at top speed, not to mention the amount of gas and strain you put on a motor, companies brag about it and people seem to care and fall for their trap. Perhaps it is just me, but I rather take the twisty road any day rather than the dull four-lane for some fun. To me, The Spirited Drive is all about the apex hugging, rev-matching, tire-punishing, control-oriented drives on your favorite twisty-bit of pavement.

What do you think? Enjoy top speed more or doing the twisty sections? Like hitting the speed limit as fast as possible? Let us know! Comment below!


– JRB, Editor-in-Chief of The Spirited Drive


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